Subaru Key Battery Replacement in 5 Simple Steps


Are you looking for a guide on Subaru Key Battery Replacement?

Subaru vehicles are incredibly reliable, and having a functioning key fob is essential to accessing your vehicle. Over time the battery weakens, and you may notice issues with key fob range or lock/unlock functions. Thankfully, replacing the key fob battery is an easy process than anyone can tackle at home in under ten minutes.

Let’s take a closer look at how to replace your Subaru’s key fob battery in just a few simple steps


subaru key battery replacement
subaru key battery replacement

What You’ll Need for Subaru Key Battery Replacement

Having the correct tools and replacement battery on hand is the key for a smooth key battery swap. Here’s what I recommend having beforehand:

  • New CR2032 coin cell battery – as the most common replacement battery for most Subaru smart key fobs
  • Small flathead screwdriver – for gently prying open the key fob casing
  • Clean soft cloth – for handling the interior components

Always source your new battery from reputable retailers to ensure optimal performance. Low-quality or counterfeit batteries often have shorter lifespans.

5 Simple Steps in Replacing Subaru Key Battery

Learn how to replace your Subaru key battery following the steps below:

Step 1: Pry Open the Key Fob

The first step is safely popping your key fob open to access the internal components and battery.

  1. Hold the fob firmly in one hand with the buttons facing down and keyring/logo facing up towards you.
  2. Locate the small notch along the top edge, close to the key ring.
  3. With your screwdriver, gently insert the flathead into this notch point and pry upwards. Apply even pressure until you feel the plastic snap apart.

Be patient during this step, as forcing the fob open too quickly can damage the plastic casing.

Step 2: Remove the Dead Battery

Once inside the fob, you’ll see the circular battery held in place by small metal prongs or contat clips. Severely drained batteries can be very stuck, making removal tricky.

  1. First try lifting the old battery free using your finger tips or pry gently underneath using the flat screwdriver tip.
  2. If the battery doesn’t budge, try wiggling it back and forth while applying light upward pressure.
  3. Once released, inspect the connectors and battery clips for any grease or corrosion buildup. Use your cloth to gently clean if needed, being careful not to damage anything.

Pro Tip: Having trouble determining which side is positive or negative once the old battery is out? There may be faint +/- symbols molded into the plastic surrounding the battery clip itself as a handy visual guide.

Step 3: Insert New CR2032 Battery

Installation takes just seconds once you have the new battery handy. Double check that you are inserting it right-side up to match the polarity symbols.

  1. Orient the battery with the positive (+) side facing up towards you aligned with the positive connector clip.
  2. Gently press down until both sides snap securely into place below the retaining clips and tabs. There should be no wiggle room when properly installed.

If inserted backwards, your key fob buttons will not operate so take a close look at the polarity before snapping the housing closed.

Step 4: Reassemble Key Fob

You’re in the home stretch! Carefully rejoin both halves of the plastic housing tightly together by pressing firmly along all edges.

  1. Start by snapping the top portion back in place around the key ring hole and work your way down both sides.
  2. Visually inspect the interior seam before closing to ensure no components are getting pinched or dislodged.
  3. Press firmly until you hear clicking/snapping sounds indicating full closure on both halves. Try wiggling it to confirm tightness.

Step 5: Test and Resync

You did it! All that’s left is:

  1. Press any key fob button and confirm normal operation.
  2. Follow resync procedures in your owner’s manual if issues arise during testing.

Some Subaru models automatically sync once powered on after a battery swap. Others require a quick manual process you can easily tackle in a minute right from your parking spot. Feel free to contact your local Subaru service center if having any vehicle-specific issues getting synced up post battery replacement.

FAQs about Subaru Key Battery Replacement

Still have some lingering questions about replacing your Subaru key fob battery or this process? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where’s the cheapest place to buy CR2032 batteries?

Due to their popularity, CR2032 coin cell batteries are widely available. Prices for name brand batteries typically range from $1-3 per 2 or 4 pack at most retailers. I recommend buying in small multi-packs for the best value.

Do I need special tools to get inside my key fob?

Luckily, no specialty tools are required. All you need is a small flathead screwdriver and your fingertips for prying open the housing. The method covered here works for essentially all Subaru key fob models.

Will my car alarm go off if I start the car with key fob open?

You do not need to worry about triggering alarms during this process. Feel free to safely test operation at any time with housing opened – just be sure everything is snapped securely closed again once complete.

Key Notes

In summary, replacing a Subaru key fob battery is a quick and easy process you can tackle in your own garage. With the steps outlined above, some basic tools, and a new CR2032 coin cell battery, you will have saved yourself time and money instead of an overpriced dealership visit. For more DIY tips and maintenance guides for Subaru owners, be sure to visit my website.


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