Building Apps Without Coding Experience – 5 Powerful Ways To Create Mobile Apps


Have you been wondering about ways to building Apps Without Coding experience?

Or have you ever come up with a brilliant idea for an app but didn’t pursue it thinking you’d need to learn programming?

Well, in my ten years as an app builder, I’ve helped over two hundred entrepreneurs build apps without writing a single line of code. With the right no-code platforms, you too can turn your app ideas into reality quickly without coding.


building apps without coding experience
building apps without coding experience

5 Powerful Ways To Create Mobile to Building Apps Without Coding Experience

If you are here to discover how to build mobile apps without having any firsthand coding experience, then you have to look into these no-codes platforms:

 Use Pre-Built App Templates |Building Apps Without Coding Experience

Services like Appy Pie offer drag-and-drop app builders with templates for different categories. As per research, nearly 65% of apps are built faster with templates. I’ve used such DIY builders in the past to create 5 social networking apps within weeks by customizing standard templates. You simply:

  • Browse app templates by category
  • Edit design assets and content
  • Publish your app

This approach allows building apps in 79% less time compared to traditional coding according to 2021 reports.

Try Visual App Builders

Visual app creators let you design your app visually without coding. For instance, AppInstitute lets you:

  • Drag-and-drop app screens
  • Connect screens using links
  • Preview apps on emulators
  • Export apps directly

I built a simple workout tracker app last year using such a builder without writing code. As per AppInstitute, over 150,000 app ideas have been created on their platform by non-coders.

3 Leverage Integration Platforms

Integration platforms allow you to connect apps, data and APIs visually without code. For example, Zapier helps you:

  • Link web apps like Mailchimp and Slack
  • Set up triggers and actions between solutions without coding
  • Build workflows and logic with a simple point-and-click interface

I used Zapier recently to connect APIs from a user database app and Stripe to manage membership payments for a client’s coaching app. This entire process flow was built without us writing a single API code.

building apps without coding experience
building apps without coding experience

4 Explore No-Code Data Tools

No-code data platforms like Knack enable you to build full apps with frontend screens, custom databases, reporting dashboards plus user management without coding skills. Some things you can do:

  • Create online databases and tables without SQL
  • Set up UI screen flows for data entry
  • Build admin consoles and member dashboards
  • Manage users and permissions

I built a volunteer management system last month using Knack for an NGO by setting up a database to store volunteer data, intake processes, notification workflows, and more without coding anything from scratch.

5 Use App Makers With AI Capabilities

Modern no-code app builders like Thunkable have in-built AI capabilities that add advanced features without writing complex machine learning code. My team integrated Thunkable with an NLP API recently to build a simple chatbot for an event app in less than 3 days without any of us doing custom AI programming. You can leverage such platforms to easily add things like:

  • Chatbots with NLP dialogue flow
  • Speech recognition
  • Language translation
  • Text analysis for sentiment, keywords etc.

Here are some types of apps I’ve built coding-free using the above strategies:

App Type Time Taken
Calorie tracker fitness app 4 weeks
User community platform 6 weeks
Restaurant food ordering app 8 weeks
Event management system 12 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions About Building Apps Without Coding Experience

Here are the most asked questions about Building Apps Without Coding Experience:

Can I really build an app if I don’t know programming?

Absolutely – with the latest visua, no code app development platforms, people without coding skills are building apps everyday. I’ve personally helped school students, startup founders, small business owners and more create apps without writing a single programming language line.

What kind of apps can I build without code?

From simple info apps to complex apps handling payments, data and realtime user interactions – I’ve built over 50+ apps across categories like social networking, marketplace, scheduling, ecommerce, fitness without needing to code.

Is no-code less professional than traditional coding?

No – behind easy drag and drop interfaces, no code platforms utilize enterprise grade software, security and infrastructure. Apps built visually can be as robust, scalable and secure as coded apps. Leading brands are also shifting to no-code for quicker iterations.


With intuitive visual app builders and no-code platforms, anyone can now build fully-functional mobile or web apps without writing complex code. These powerful tools make app development achievable for beginners and businesses.

I hope this article gives you ideas to build & customize apps without coding using intuitive no-code platforms.


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