Planning Multi-City European Vacations |10 Hottest Cities for 2024


Are you planning multi-city european vacations in 2024?

With so many incredible destinations to choose from, narrowing it down can be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the 10 hottest cities in Europe to visit this year.

planning multi-city european vacations
planning multi-city european vacations

Lock in Your Budget

Firstly, you need to lock in your budget.

Setting a realistic budget is important when planning a multi-city European vacation. Carefully calculating costs ahead of time prevents nasty surprises down the road. So, here are ways to lock in your budget as this will empower your journey.

Estimate Flights

Use flight search engines like Skyscanner to get rate estimates for roundtrip flights from your hometown to Europe, plus any flights between destinations. Fares usually range from $500-$1200 roundtrip.

Accommodation Costs | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Hostels and budget hotels average $50-$100 per night, while 3-4 star hotels ranges from $100-$250 per night. Factor in number of nights (7-14) in your budget. Airbnbs can provide whole apartments with kitchens, which save dining out costs.

Ground Transportation

Budget $30-60 for train, bus or budget flight connections between each city on your itinerary. Taxis and Uber add up quickly in Europe. Use public transportation as much as possible with the occasional ride share app trip.

Food, Activities and Incidentals | planning Multi-City European Vacations

Plan $75-$100 per day for meals, sightseeing, entertainment, souvenirs and any unexpected costs. Eating one sit down restaurant meal and grabbing less expensive street food or grocery items helps control costs.

Research average prices at your destinations during your travel window before locking in expected costs, and build in a 10-15% buffer for unanticipated expenses that pop up.

Use a Multi-City Flight Search

One of the best parts of planning a multi-destination European trip is taking advantage of multi-city flight searches. This allows you to fly into one city and out of another, saving time and money.

I always recommend using Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search tool when planning multi-city travel. Just enter your home airport and select “Europe” under destination. You can build an entire multi-stop itinerary including all of your chosen destinations.

Skyscanner will automatically price out every possible route combination across airlines and provide a map of the quickest, cheapest options. You can filter by number of stops, advance purchase requirements, etc.

Here’s a sample multi-city flight search from Los Angeles:

Departure City Arrival City Date Price
Los Angeles London June 1 $485
London Barcelona June 8 $68
Barcelona Rome June 15 $46
Rome Los Angeles July 1 $689

Total Trip Price: $1,288

Using this tool makes visualizing and booking complex multi-city European itineraries quick and easy. No backtracking required.

Research the Hottest Cities for 2024

Selecting the trendiest European cities to visit in 2024 can make your multi-city itinerary feel fresh and exciting. I always study recent travel reports to discover rising hotspots before mapping my route.

These up-and-coming urban hubs rank high on 2024 watch lists based on new openings, artifacts found, cultural trends and popularity growth over the last year:

Lyon, France | Planning Multi-City European Vacations                                                         

  • France’s foodie capital is heating up, named the #1 European destination by Time Out. Try bouchon-style bistros or tour the striking steel and glass La Cite Internationale.
  • New art exhibits unveiled at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Lyon in 2023 cement its status as an arts mecca.
  • Lyon’s 2,000 year old ruins and Roman-era sights like Fourvière reveal layers of captivating history.

Seville, Spain

  • As one of Europe’s sunniest cities, Seville beckons 2024 travelers with vibrant street life in its trilling plazas.
  • The iconic Moorish Alcazar palace unveils new restored gardens, intriguing even repeat visitors.
  • Seville made headlines for increasingly popular Holy Week processions and events around Easter.

Warsaw, Poland

  • Warsaw’s gritty history now blends with quirky boutiques, avant garde wine bars and dystopian-cool architecture.
  • The sleek high-speed rail route opening from Berlin next year makes the cultural capital more accessible.
  • Food critics rank modern Polish cuisine in Warsaw among Eastern Europe’s most exciting emerging food scenes.

Valencia, Spain | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

  • Valencia tantalizes tastebuds with fresh paella, adding a new dimension beyond popular Madrid and Barcelona.
  • 2023 saw the city pioneer an “urban beach” downtown, with free wifi, food stalls and hammocks.
  • Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences complex continues wowing travelers with its space-age buildings resembling giant eyeballs and aquariums.

I recommend digging deeper into your chosen destinations to discover new attractions and insider openings beyond the well-known sites. Checking 2024 travel trends ensures an incredible, one-of-a-kind European adventure.

Book Multi-Destination Transportation | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Connecting the dots between multiple destinations is part of the fun when planning my multi-city Euro trips! Trains, budget airlines and ride sharing seamlessly get me across borders and expand my horizons.

Plot Routes Early

I always map general routes between cities right after I set my itinerary. Resources like GoEuro allow you to enter multiple destinations and compare train, bus, flight and car rental options by price and length of travel.

As Andre, who plans yearly pan-European adventures notes:

“Plotting transportation connections early takes the stress out of travel days. I know how I’ll get to the next city, so I can just enjoy the journey!”

Confirm Tickets and Passes in Advance | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Waiting until the last minute leads to sold out trains or crazy expensive flights. I book all shared rides, passes and tickets about 2 months pre-departure.

For complex multi-country journeys, Eurail Unlimited Flexi passes allow ultimate flexibility. Just hop aboard trains as you go, no bookings needed. Consider convenience over minor cost savings when linking your epic Euro cities.

Pick Accommodations Strategically

Choosing the right lodging in each destination streamlines a multi-city Euro trip. I aim for central locations near public transit.

Consider Airbnbs | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Apartment rentals through Airbnb allow you to unpack once and explore from a “home base” when staying in cities 3+ nights. Groceries can be stored to reduce food costs by 15-20%.

Book Hotels Near Train Stations

When visiting a city just 1-2 nights before moving on, hotels near main train stations simplify catching early trains. The Hotel Cardonet right by the Barcelona Sants station saved me time commuting to my next overnight train.

Read Location Reviews  

It’s worth paying 10-15% more for accommodations conveniently positioned to top attractions over remote options to avoid costly taxis and subway headaches. Check Google Maps reviews confirming great areas that let you walk most places.

Travel Light Using Carry-On | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

When visiting multiple European destinations, packing strategically prevents wasted time. I limit luggage to 1 small carry-on bag fitted with items I’ll actually need.

Lighten Your Load

Pack just enough layers to cover varying climates from Mediterranean sun to alpine hiking. Rolled clothes maximize space and organization cubes keep things tidy.

Attachable daypacks allow bringing extra camera equipment or souvenirs without checking a bag.

Weigh Before Flying Out

Budget airlines come with frustratingly strict weight limits and heavy fees for checked bags.

Use a luggage scale at home to ensure your bag’s lightweight enough for easy movement between flights under 23 pounds. Wear heaviest walking shoes on travel days rather than packing them.

With a streamlined, mobile bag, just attach your passport and you’re ready to embark on amazing multi-city discoveries!

Create a Flexible Itinerary | Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Though advanced planning prevents headaches, remaining flexible and spontaneous keeps multi-destination Euro trips exciting and personalized!

Leave Unscheduled Time

I map out lodging plus top 2 “must-see” attractions in each place, and maybe a guided day tour. But then I purposely keep 50% unscheduled to wander charming neighborhoods and make local friends with insider tips.

This balances structure with flexibility.

Adapt on the Fly  

Don’t become too attached to any strict timeline. Give yourself freedom to take detours like hiking day trips from cities or staying a couple extra nights if you meet fascinating people.

Go with the flow and remain open to unexpected wonders that deviate from even the best itineraries.


With strategic planning, booking multi-city European vacations opens the doors to an unforgettable adventure across several incredible destinations in one trip.

Just decide on your dream cities, lock in flights, pack smart and get ready to immerse yourself in all the wonder Europe offers next 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions About Planning Multi-City European Vacations

Here are some frequently asked questions about multi city European Vacations:

What’s the ideal length for a multi-city Euro trip?

From my experience, 10-14 days allows a comfortable pace to enjoy 2-4 destinations without being rushed. It’s enough time to get a taste of each city’s vibe and main attractions. Anything shorter may feel too hurried.

How many destinations can you realistically visit?

I’d recommend limiting it to 3-4 cities total for a 10-14 day journey. You’ll already spend half your sightseeing time in transit between locations. More than 4 means you’re constantly packing and unpacking without truly experiencing anywhere.

Is it easy to travel between European countries?

Absolutely! Trains and budget flights make border hopping simple. Europe’s shared transportation infrastructure directly connects popular hubs across many neighboring nations. Just be sure to have proper country entry documents like visas.

What tips prevent exhaustion while city-hopping?

Strategic packing, quality sleep, mixing highly active days with chill ones, staying hydrated and keeping mobile devices charged are all small but vital habits I practice. Having even brief moments to recharge makes all the difference over consecutive busy weeks exploring Europe.


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