Phone Accessories in Nigeria: Unlocking the Best Deals in 2024


Are you searching for phone accessories in Nigeria?

Or wondering where to find the best deals on phone accessories ?

This guide wil help you.

We will cover the most useful products like cases, screen protectors and headphones, popular shops to browse both local and online, and tips to unlock savings on the accessories every mobile user needs. Read on.

Popular Accessories Every Phone Owner Needs

No matter what device you use, accessories help you protect it and get the most out of your mobile experience. Three additions no phone owner should be without are protective cases, screen guards and power banks.

Gear up with these essentials for safe and uninterrupted use of mobile phones.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are the first line of defense to prevent daily wear and minor scratches, or to protect against cracks and shattering if you drop your device.

The materials and construction you choose depends on your needs and lifestyle.

As a busy father of three, I rely on a dual layer case with a flexible TPU inner sleeve and hard polycarbonate outer shell.

It saved my phone from my toddler’s grasping hands and survived being launched across the room more times than I can count.

The soft inner layer absorbs shock while the strong outer case keeps everything intact.

For extra chaos protection, some cases even have built-in screens guards or kickstands handy for media viewing.

Take it from my real-world dad tests – dual layer cases are the best accessories investment you’ll make.

Screen protectors

Screen protectors act as an invisible shield to prevent scratches and cracks from keys or drops.

I once had a tempered glass protector save my phone from a bad fall on the sidewalk.

Without it, my display would have been a spiderweb of cracks.

Protectors come in plastic or tempered glass.

While cheaper, I find plastic models more prone to bubbling around the edges over time.

Tempered glass feels seamless and offers the best scratch protection.

In fact, manufacturers claim glass protectors test up to 5 times stronger than plastic.

But any protector is better than using bare phones.

My advice is: Treat your phone with a glass shield guard for daily defense against dings, dust, and the occasional tumble.

It’s saved my screen more than once.

Power Banks

Running out of battery when you most need your phone is frustrating.

Power banks are portable chargers that resuscitate your devices.

As an on-the-go journalist, I rely on mine daily.

More capacity means more full phone charges.

My 10,000 mAh power bank fuels three to four iPhone, and two for my Android. I also carry a slim 5,000 mAh for lighter needs.

Pay attention to output too, as higher amperage delivers charging power faster.

Here’s a capacity vs charge estimate:

capacity Iphone charges Android charges
5,000 mAh 1-2 1
10,000 mAh 3-4 2
20,000 mAh 6-8 4

My lower capacity bank slips in pockets while the 10,000 fuels all-day video reporting minus any anxiety about dying gadgets. Choose what suits your usage.


Whether listening privately or blocking out noise around you, a quality pair of headphones enhances your audio experience.

As a frequent traveler and conference attendee, over-ear noise cancelling headphones are invaluable during lengthy plane commutes or when I need to drown out chatter to focus.

In my experience, noise cancellation in wireless and high-end wired models blocks up to 95% of ambient sound using specialized microphones. For everyday use, you can’t go wrong with durable in-ear ear buds, especially now that many smartphones exclude them. I always pack my wireless neckband pair as a backup for watching movies or shows wherever I roam.

phone cases in Nigeria

Marketplaces to Shop for Phone Accessories in Nigeria

Inspecting market stalls and mobile phone shops across Nigeria allow you to inspect gadgets hands-on before purchasing and negotiate the best deals one-on-one with sellers.

I always enjoy the thrill of the bargain hunt

Major electronics centers to explore include:

  • Computer Village in Lagos – The largest tech marketplace in West Africa with various accessory shops and stalls. I once haggled a shopkeeper down 15% off Bluetooth headphones here!
  • Kano City Mobile Market – Home to hundreds of traders with all varieties of cases, cables, and chargers along Sa’adatu Rimi Market.
  • Ikeja Digital Mall in Lagos – Modern fixed-price electronics mall with accessory shops alongside computers and audiovisual equipment. More orderly than markets but less room to negotiate discounts.

So, embrace these local commerce and see what shockingly good finds you can score.

I’ve often found better prices bargaining face-to-face than online.

Online Shopping

Online shopping opens up global product selection and pricing competition.

Cross-border ecommerce lets you access latest-release accessories otherwise hard to find locally.

For iPhone users like myself, the Apple store ships regionally with occasional holidays sales around 10-15% off cases and chargers. Though delivery adds wait times and potential customs fees.

Other popular international online retailers to checkout include:

  • Amazon – Massive inventory with option to filter by ship-to location. Score marked down open box items too. I read product reviews thoroughly though as return shipping has hurdles from Nigeria if something disappoints.
  • eBay – Dig for brand name accessories discounted thanks to auction-style listings and independent sellers similar to local markets. Pay close attention to seller ratings.
  • AliExpress – Chinese wholesale hub lets you buy many gadgets direct from factories at very cheap prices, but product quality varies.

Getting the Best Deals on Phone Accessories in Nigeria

I once saved nearly 40% buying multiple accessories during an AliExpress anniversary event.

Beyond sales, bargaining locally and scouting for online coupon codes offer more everyday savings avenues to explore.

Happy shopping and savings hunting as you explore the best deals on phone accessories below:

Buying Phone Accessories in Nigeria During Sales Seasons

Timing your shopping around annual sales events helps maximize savings on mobile gear.

For the best deals, browse during peak Chinese shopping holidays like 11/11 in November and Anniversary sales on AliExpress or Club Factory.

Locally, look for discounts during Easter, Eid Al-Fitr celebration sales, and Black Friday promotions both online and markets like Computer Village.

Subscribe to retailer email lists so seasonal markdowns don’t escape your radar. I set calendar alerts because last 11/11 blowout, I furnished three family phones with cases, cables and power banks at almost half price thanks to stacking store coupons.

Buying Phone Accessories Wholesale in Nigeria

Purchasing bundles of phone extras wholesale with friends or as holiday gifts lets you score serious savings over individual retail pricing.

According to Statistics, Nigerians have over four connected devices on average per person.

So why not access them affordably in sets?

During a Computer Village stroll, I noted a vendor’s per unit power bank price at ₦4,500 but a five pack wholesaled at only ₦3,000 each – 33% off!

Similar bulk pricing applies at local online wholesalers, you can Split bulk deals across your family to cover all devices and maximize savings.

Everyone can wrap up mobile gifts for the coming festive occasions.


I hope plotting the phone accessory background gives you tips to answer deals across Nigeria.

Let me know in the comments if you discover any hidden accessory shops or bargain tactics I should try during my next market stroll. Now accessorize your devices affordably. Thanks for reading.



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