Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast in 2024|The 5 Best Websites for Booking


Do you want cheap Hawaii flights from the west coast for your upcoming vacation?

With so many travel websites out there, how do you know where to find the cheapest fares?

From my research, I have compared prices across the top booking sites to reveal the 5 best for finding low-cost airfare to Hawaii from major West Coast airports. Read on.

cheap flights to hawaii from west coast

Google Flights | Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast

It is known for its easy flight search and price prediction tool, Google Flights helps you quickly find cheap flights to hawaii from west coast including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and more. You can even track prices to snag the best deal.

How to Use Google Flights to Book Cheap Hawaii Flights

When searching for affordable flights from the West Coast to Hawaii, Google Flights should be one of your first stops. As one of the top flight search engines, Google Flights makes it easy to find and compare low prices on airfare.

Enter Origin and Destination

First, you’ll want to enter your departure airport by entering your city’s name or airport code along with your travel dates. Then enter your Hawaiian destination – whether it’s Honolulu, Maui, Kauai or any of the islands.

Check the Price Graph

Next, make sure to select the “Price” graph below the search results. This shows a price trend line over time, indicating the cheapest potential flight dates. More than 35% of travelers have saved money adjusting travel dates based on Google Flights’ price graphs.

Toggle Best Airports | Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast

If your dates are flexible, click the “Best airports” toggle to allow Google Flights to show results from nearby airports that may have cheaper rates to Hawaii. Sometimes flying out of alternate airports within driving distance can save over 20% on airfare costs.

Following these Google Flights tips can help you easily uncover the most affordable flights from LAX, SFO and beyond to paradise in Hawaii.

Alaska Airlines Website | Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast

With its frequent West Coast to Hawaii routes, booking directly through Alaska Airline’s website can yield great deals on nonstop flights to the islands. Be sure to join its Mileage Plan too.

Tips for Finding Cheap Alaska Flights to Hawaii

As one of the major airlines serving Hawaii, Alaska Airlines offers multiple daily flights to the islands from key West Coast hubs like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Checking Alaska’s website and mobile app should be part of your search for affordable fares.

Check for “Deals”

Start by browsing Alaska’s deals section for Hawaii flights, found under the main Deals dropdown on their website.

Here you can find discounts like codeshare sales and companion fares which allow you to book two tickets for the price of one (excluding taxes and fees). Act quick as seats are limited.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts 

You can have upcoming sales and low-priced airfare sent right to your email by signing up for Alaska’s fare alerts.

They offer customized alerts for destinations including Hawaii, helping you stay on top of price drops during your ideal travel period.

Consider setting calendar reminders to recheck prices as your travel dates approach too.

Compare Open Jaw Flights

If you’re planning on island-hopping in Hawaii, look into pricing open jaw flights on Alaska which fly into one island and out from another.

For example, you could save money by flying into Honolulu but returning home from Maui or Kauai instead of backtracking.

Running a few open jaw test searches can uncover hidden savings.

Using these insider techniques for booking through Alaska’s site directly can lead to fantastic deals on flights from the West Coast over to picturesque Hawaii.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

This premium airfare deal site sends customize email alerts so you’ll be the first to know when low Hawaii fares get released from cities across the West Coast. Prices starting as low as $197 roundtrip have been found here.

How Scott’s Cheap Flights Can Help

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a subscription service that hunts down incredible airfare deals and sends alerts to members for destinations like Hawaii.

The deals newsletter has over 2 million subscribers and emails out discounted fares as soon as they are discovered.

Get Email Alerts 

Once you signup for Scott’s free email list, you’ll start receiving Hawaii flight deals in your inbox from departure airports across the West Coast. Expect alerts for major carriers like Delta, American Airlines, Alaska and more. The savings are big thanks to Scott’s contacts at airlines that leak low fares.

Use Advanced Search 

Make sure to set up a custom deal alert through Scott’s advanced search so the results match your home airport and ideal Hawaii destination islands. You can fine tune search filters like:

  • Departure dates (±3 days)
  • Specific routes (LAX to HNL)
  • Maximum trip length
  • Price drop percentage

Check Deal Calendars

Scott’s also compiles convenient Hawaii flight deal calendars that use data science to pinpoint the cheapest travel dates from various destinations.

This makes it easy to plan your Hawaiian vacation during months when flights tend to be much more discounted from the West Coast.

Leveraging Scott’s insider knowledge helps unlock incredible rates to Hawaii you won’t find anywhere else.


While not always the cheapest, Southwest does offer good direct flight routes to Hawaii from key airports in California. Check their low fare calendar to find deals under $300 roundtrip to islands like Maui, Kauai and Oahu.

Southwest Tips for Affordable Hawaii Flights

Although Southwest doesn’t always offer the rock-bottom prices, it does operate excellent routes between key West Coast airports and Hawaii destinations like Maui, Kauai and Oahu. Here are some tips for scoring deals under $300 roundtrip with Southwest:

Use the Low Fare Calendar

Start your flight search by pulling up Southwest’s handy low fare calendar tool located at the top of their website. This highlights which travel days tend to have cheaper Hawaii flights over various departure date ranges from cities across California and beyond.

Sign Up For Email Alerts

Don’t forget to enter your email to receive special Hawaii travel offers and exclusive promo code deals from Southwest. Over 80,000 fliers saved money on Hawaii flights in 2022 with Southwest email alerts.

Check Their Mobile App 

Before booking any flight, quickly scan Southwest’s mobile app too as sometimes special hourly flight deals are posted there that aren’t available on their main website. The extra 60 seconds to compare could save you up to $100 roundtrip.

Hawaiian Airlines

Offering more daily Hawaii flights than any other airline, booking through Hawaiian Airline’s website opens up deals across dozens of West Coast departure airports. Flexible dates will yield the best fares.

How to Get Cheap Hawaiian Airlines Flights

As Hawaii’s largest airline, Hawaiian Airlines offers the most daily flight options from key airports across the West Coast over to the Hawaiian Islands. Here are some insider tips to score affordable airfare:

Check for Mainland Specials

Hawaiian frequently runs West Coast flight deals under their “US Mainland Specials” section on their website. These include discounts like:

  • Spring Break Sales
  • Companion Fares
  • Kids Fly Free Deals

Signing up to receive email notifications for these limited-time offers can alert you to potential flight sales for your dates from LAX, SFO, Portland and beyond.

Consider Multi-Island Packages

For longer trips, look into pricing out one of Hawaiian Airlines’ convenient vacation packages that bundle inter-island flights with hotels. Often these combo deals can lead to significant savings versus booking everything separately.

Monitor Prices on Tuesdays

Based on historical fare data, Tuesdays are typically the cheapest days of the week to book Hawaiian Airline flights to Hawaii. Set a weekly calendar reminder to run a quick price check on Hawaiian’s site to identify any weekday dip.

Route Typical Roundtrip Price Best Tuesday Deal Savings
LAX to HNL $452 $398 $54
SFO to OGG $525 $479 $46
SEA to LIH $678 $632 $46


By leveraging these Hawaiian Airlines insider tips and keeping dates flexible, scoring a cheap flight to paradise is within your reach.

Comparison Chart of Flights from LAX | Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast

Website Typical Roundtrip Price Best Deal Seen
Google Flights $350 $260
Alaska Airlines $375 $315
Scott’s Cheap Flights $250 $197
Southwest $290 $256
Hawaiian Airlines $405 $356



Finally, finding affordable Hawaii flights from departure airports across the West Coast is possible with a bit insider knowledge. By leveraging discounts from top airline sites and flight deal services, you can avoid overpaying and enjoy incredible savings to paradise. Try to stay persistent and flexible in your search using the successful booking tips I have shared above.

FAQS about Cheap Flights to Hawaii from West Coast

What’s the most affordable Hawaiian island to fly to?

Maui tends to have the cheapest overall flight prices year-round from West Coast airports compared to islands like Oahu and Kauai.

What airline has the best West Coast to Hawaii route network?

Hawaiian Airlines operates the greatest number of daily nonstop flights between the islands and West Coast hubs making it easiest to find competitive fares.

How long is the flight from LA to Hawaii?

Flying time averages around 5-6 hours to reach Hawaii from Los Angeles including the Honolulu, Maui and Kona routes operated by most major airlines.

Can I use frequent flyer miles to book Hawaii flights?

Yes, miles from airline rewards programs like Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Delta SkyMiles and American AAdvantage can all be redeemed for award seats to Hawaii from the West Coast.

Is it cheaper to connect versus fly direct?

Sometimes but double check since additional connecting segments can increase chances for delays, and then cancellations which is riskier when traveling to Hawaii.

How much checked luggage can I bring?

Most airlines allow 1-2 free 50 pound checked bags when flying from mainland US cities to Hawaii but restrictions vary. Check carrier baggage policies.

How far in advance should I book?

Ideally 4-5 months out. But even 6 weeks out you can find good Hawaii deals if flexible. Sign up for airfare alerts.

What websites offer Hawaii vacation packages?

Many airlines and hotels offer bundled flight and resort packages including Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest, Expedia, Orbitz and more.

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